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Tricone Bits

Brand: Hargrand
Product type: cone drill bit
Standard models: 7 1/2 to 18 7/8 inches
Core material: hard alloy
Production capacity: 500 pieces/month
Packing and delivery: cartons, wooden cases
Main applications: geological exploration, drilling industry
Product Certification: ISO9001:2000
Origin: Hebei, China

metal surface sealed journal bearing. The new technology of head bearing surfacing welding and cone bearing silver plating improves the bearing capacity, wear resistance and stability of the bearing.

This series of drill bits can be equipped with blades of various shapes, including shovel blades, wedge blades, convex spherical blades, double spherical blades, etc. Through scientific selection of insert shape, the drilling technology, formation and drill bit are efficiently integrated to realize safe and efficient drilling.

For HJT series products, a row of inserts has been added between the gauge row and the heel row to trim the hole wall and protect the cone shell.

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